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Grace Murphy is an experienced reviewer and journalist dedicated to sharing updates from throughout the business market, as well as reviews on the products and services you want to hear about. Small businesses across the corporate market have relied on her insight and knowledge to drive them forward for years. Read on to find the latest reviews and updates that could make all the difference to your business.

When you buy written content for your business, you need to make sure that you choose a writer who can do everything.

I can support you with everything from idea creation through to proofreading and SEO so that your content reads beautifully and contains all of the relevant keywords that search engines expect.

So, for online content that helps you to achieve your marketing and sales goals, I’m the perfect collaborator.

When I write content, I don’t just type a bunch of words. I’ve got access to some of the best SEO tools, including SEMrush and Surfer SEO so that your content is fully optimised. I also use editing tools to ensure that my grammar and spelling are spot-on.

That’s why I work with respected SEO agencies and renowned businesses throughout the business world. If you want to become one of my many satisfied customers, then check out my service offering below.

What Can I Write For You?

Blog Posts

Every business needs a regularly updated blog, but with so much going on in your organisation, it can be hard to sit down and write. I can save you the time by putting my skills to work for you. I’ll write about your chosen topic and make it accessible to your target audience.

Website Writing

Grab web visitors’ attention from the outset with quality SEO content. I can write engaging, forceful sales content for your landing pages and informative, riveting pieces for your homepage. Whatever you need, I have the experience to write it and set your business apart from the rest.

Long-Form Content

Businesses produce hundreds of pieces of content every year, from lengthy sales emails to guest post articles for link building, whitepapers for journals through to instruction leaflets for products. Whatever you need and however long you need it, I can create content that serves its purpose and is optimised for search. Readers and your marketing team will thank me when they read my quality long-form content.

Content Writing Packages

Each client is different, so I’ll always create custom content that’s 100% original for your website. Every piece of content I produce is proofread and designed around your unique needs.

If you’re looking for an idea of prices or want to order your content quickly, then check out my SEO writing packages.

Each package is priced to reflect the amount of my time and expertise you’ll receive. For smaller projects, I offer a more basic service, while my gold standard offers you the best service possible.

For a bespoke price and a package that suits your needs, I can offer you a custom quote, so just contact me to find out more.


£ 20
  • 500 Words: £20
  • 1000 Words: £40
  • 1200 Words: £60


£ 40
  • 500 Words: £40
  • 1000 Words: £60
  • 1200 Words: £80


£ 50
  • 500 Words: £50
  • 1000 Words: £70
  • 1200 Words: £110

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If you’re interested in one of the above packages, then click the button to buy your SEO content today.

For long-form content or bespoke orders, contact me to get a unique quote. I’ll give you the best possible deal, so you get the benefit of my experience as a journalist, reviewer and blogger, at a price that fits into your budget.

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